Who I am

Hey everyone!,

My names Andy. I’m from a small town in Northern New Jersey. It is the part of New Jersey that is not very close to the turnpike, nowhere near the shore, and definitely is not Camden. Some people from New Jersey may think that their day job is fist pumping, I like to think that my day job is picking up horse pooh (it is). This September, I will begin my first year at college. Just saying this means that I was some how able to survive the four awkward years that make up high school. You know, those four years where guys can kind of grow facial hair, but only in the most unneeded and non flattering places and girls, I’m not sure how girls considered themselves to be awkward, but I know for a fact that they  did, I just can’t sit here and claim to know why they did. The purpose of this blog is to capture my insights, thoughts, and ideas that I experience throughout my college experience, thoughts and insights that I hope others can understand and relate to. I hope to showcase my personality (fairly goofy) and my unique perspective on the world (also goofy). I hope you enjoy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Cheers, Andy

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