The fun begins

Con”grad”ulations graduate! You have successfully completed the requirements to receive your high school diploma. Those four years of waiting until the night before a project is due to start it has really paid off! Who says procrastination was a bad thing? You may have gotten an “A” but you put a lot of time and effort into it. I got a “C” and I only had to throw a few intelligent-sounding words and the first few images that I found on Google pertaining to my topic in and BOOM. Go ahead and call me an underachiever. To that I say, “Well, you’re an overachiever.” (yeah, I really told them the deal)

After graduation, you expect to have a nice relaxing summer full of friends and good times with absolutely no worries. Then, when September rolls around, you will just be able to show up at college, no questions asked. That feeling of ease after a nice relaxing summer will still be pumping through your veins. You will go into class with that bronzed, sun-kissed skin, strolling in with your flip-flops still on while gently fishing the last few grains of sand out of your pockets. HA, since when is something ever this easy? Its more fun to watch us squirm.

Once you send that first deposit in to whichever school you decided upon, they have you right where they want you. Oh yeah, now it’s time to see how badly you really want college. Just a little pre-college hazing done by the actual college. I picture a bunch of middle-aged men and women with their glasses and suits on in a board room looking through the paperwork that is sent in and laughing at what they have done. “Hey Paul, you see this, they actually answered in explicit detail all 100 of the questions, what an idiot!”

It begins with boatloads of paperwork asking, “where are you from, who are you, whats your full name?” After trudging through the mounds of paperwork, you need to begin working on your schedule, a schedule that you are making based off the incredibly long placement tests. After this, you wait and see what classes you need to change to create a better and more fluid schedule, and being nothing more than a freshman means that in no way are we experts on this area, in fact, we know absolutely nothing  at first. You know what they say though, “survival of the fittest, only the strong go on.” So if you have survived this bit of stress, you get to look forward to the alcohol awareness course as well as the rape course that must be completed online. Don’t worry though, each one only takes two hours! Yay!

After making it through all the summer “fun” you deserve to be a part of whatever college or university you are planning to attend. In all seriousness now, I believe all this work makes you become connected to everyone else at your school because it is an endeavor that everyone had to undertake. Looking back on it now, it seems worth it because it will make the first day of college that much sweeter. Knowing that the past 4 years and this past summer has culminated in walking through the doors of college is something to be proud of and look favorably upon. Many eighteen year olds would kill to be in the position that many of us are in and that is something to never forget. Now let the fun and games…. I mean, uhhhh, the hard work and studying begin.



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