Hi, I’m (Insert Name Here), Nice to Meet You.

A friend is one of the nicest things you can have, and one of the best things you can be. – Douglas Pagels

Friend. Such a simple term. It is thrown around in conversation often. “Yeah, I’m going out with my friend tonight.” There are some people that claim to be friends with people they have met only once. While others have a friend that they have known for the majority of their life. The word friend is a loose term. There are limitless meanings that can accompany the word “friend.” A friend can be so many different things or even a combination of many different things. Each friend is different, possessing different qualities and outlooks on life itself. Friend is also a term that needs to be shared mutually. In order to form a friendship, both sides need to be actively participating in the relationship.  Among the most varied and interesting elements of the human race is friendship.

College is an interesting and, more often than not, confusing time when it comes to making friends. You are no longer dealing with those that you have spent the vast majority of your life with. Instead you are exposed to tidal waves of new faces. You are exposed to new dialects, phrases and outlooks that you may be quite unfamiliar with. I still hold the ideal; however, that everyone deserves a chance because it is safe to say that you know almost no one.

With legions of new people to meet, it is difficult to know who to say hi to and who not to. Saying something as simple as hello may spark a friendship that has the capacity of transcending time. At the same time though, there will always be people in this world who feel that they deserve the world served to them on a golden platter. There are some whose souls have become hostile and bitter, brought down by the strenuousness of life and the strain of time. Some young souls, for whatever reason, become tainted and horrid after being exposed to such a short amount of time on this Earth.

This being said, there are millions of genuinely phenomenal people in the world. Some people’s upbeat and positive nature can spread like wildfire to those around them. Maybe it is because these people have not found how difficult life is yet, but it also could be because these people know all to well how difficult life is. They feel that it is their outright responsibility to make somebody else’s life better, even if that means just a simple smile and a friendly conversation. These people tend to be infectious, the kind of virus that anybody would love to become sick with.

Once you find a group of friends at school, new problems sometimes do arise. Early on, it is difficult to tell exactly who your new friends actually are. The idea that they may not actually like you goes through your head. You begin to wonder if it is a mutual friendship or if it just goes one way. Its invariably a very sticky situation that can leave you feeling mortified and fearful. It’s human nature to be wanted, and more often than not, you find that you are wanted. Sometimes insecurities need to be released and faith in other people becomes a necessary entity. It becomes imperative that you let your negativities go.

According to the chaos theory, it has been said that something as insignificant as a butterfly fluttering its’ wings can cause a typhoon halfway across the world. The same can be applied to friendships. Holding the door for someone or offering a simple hello can start a friendship that could possibly last an entire lifetime. Little decisions have the possibility of becoming something that is much more than what was intended. Its about keeping an open mind and open heart to those around you. Never be quick to shut someone out and always be ready to listen; what people have to say can sometimes surprise you. Surround yourself with people that seemingly have nothing in common with you just to find out that there is something that connects you too one another. There are thousands of new people to meet in college, and not trying to meet as many people as you can is an injustice to yourself as well as everyone else.

I’m certain that during college I will meet many people. Some will be no more than a passing memory while some will forever hold a place in both my mind and heart. I look forward to all the people I will meet throughout college and look forward to welcoming some into my life. It is with great hope that others feel the same way as I do. So put yourself out there and go make some new friends, you will be at college for at least four years; you  might as well have some friends along the way.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart. – Elisabeth Foley


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