Prayers for Boston

“One day can change your life. One day can ruin your life. All life is is three or four big days that change everything.” – Beverly Donofrio


Living near New York City my whole life has taught me one thing: Boston is the city we love to hate, and the city that we also hate to love.

Prior to college, I had less than an inkling of firsthand knowledge about the people who lived in and around Boston. Boston might as well have been a different country to me. The people sounded differently, the expressions they used were not “wicked” normal and worst of all, they were all damn Sox fans. I did not understand what Boston was or who the people from Boston really were.


College has made that change.

I have begun to see what makes Boston great. If it is not the history of Fenway Park, The Boston Lighthouse, the intermittent cobblestone streets or the small-town feel in a big-time city, it is certainly the people. Never have I seen any group of people so in love with the place that they came from. The sense of unity among the people is a connection I that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. They can speak of nothing but great things in the city that they have come to call home. When they are away from Boston during the school year, it is like they have been taken out of the desert and placed in a rainforest. They patiently wait until they can be united back to Boston. A reunion that I imagine being not much different than the embrace between two long-lost siblings.


These people are strong, yet tender. Caring, yet blunt. Salty and sweet, but at the same exact time. They care for their home, a home that they all share. The people that I have met from Boston have been the most gracious and kind-hearted people I have ever met. There is a homeliness that Boston people can present you with. They know how to make people feel at home. They learned how to live in a way much different than how I was accustomed to in New York City. They made me begin to realize that to live, was to live in Boston.

What I have learned most about the people of Boston, however, is that they are not capable of being put down.

It is in the Boston area where the Revolutionary War began. It is in Boston where a wild tea party showed the world that Bostonians are not meant to be messed with. It is in Boston where people stood up against an armed force of British soldiers, were massacred, but then continued to fight even.

It is in Boston where a Marathon has been run 117 times, and will be run another 117 times.



If there is one thing that I have learned from history  it is that it repeats itself, and the same tenacity that those in Boston showed in earlier years will be shown again now.  Boston has refused to role over and surrender to anyone, and today is no different. After an attack from a faceless coward, the people of Boston will not hide in fear, but instead they will look to seek justice. They will not hide away in their homes, afraid of going out into the city they are enamored with. Boston’s people will go out into the streets of Boston to show that there is no way of extinguishing the pride that so endlessly, fiercely and brightly burns in every soul that has ever connected itself with the historic streets of Boston.

What happened today in Boston has made me sick to my stomach. It has brought tears to my eyes. It has made me angry and bitter. It has made me look at everything in a new way, but most importantly, it has also made me realize that if there was any city and people strong enough to handle this tragedy, it is the people of Boston.


My heart felt condolences go out to all those who were hurt, injured, affected or killed in today’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon. My sympathy is extended to all those who live in and around Boston. You are all a part of Boston and I understand that if someone attacks Boston they also attack you.

Best wishes to all.

Lets go Boston, I believe in you, and I’m sure the rest of the country does too.


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