Late Night Thoughts

Alright, so I think I just had a pretty cool thought. Imagine if every relationship began the day before a divorce was set to happen and then went backwards instead of forwards. Every passing day, you begin to remember why you fell in love with this person. The feeling of a new beginning and the tinge of a new love growing in your chest as the years continue to pass. Each passing day, you get to see another reason why you fell in love with this person. The youthfulness, the late nights, the moments that created deep love occurring constantly while time is ticking away. Then one day, you will get to that point when you first meet. That fateful moment when the world seemed to momentarily stand still and your life changed forever. Your throat will tickle because that’s where it feels like your stomach is and then someone will manage to utter out an awkward greeting. Then you will both go your separate ways, but the memories and the feelings that accompany those memories stay with you forever. The feeling of new love lingers within you forever, and the feeling of a bitter end will not be what defines a lengthy mutual existence.