Unadilla: The story from a different perspective

Hello everybody,

So this morning I awoke to a comment on one of my posts that I thought I should place in its’ own blog post. This comment was from the young woman who two women from the rescue I was with donated money in order to help rescue one more horse. Here is what it said (I did not edit anything, all that you read is what she wrote):


Hi Andy. I admired your blog a lot! I was there that night. I was there looking at tack, to find myself wondering to the horses. I looked around and around watching as the frightful creatures pulled against their bailing twine ropes. Yet one, one seemed to be so quiet as if he knew what was about to come. I watched people walking behind the horses that he was with, but no one seemed to care for the poor boy. I walked up to him and I see what he was thinking. He looked at me as if to say “Help”. I reached out to pet him and his eyes lit up, like a spark. I knew he was not like others. I sat there, talked to him, But I couldn’t say it was going to be ok, I wished I could. I am 16 and work for my horses, feeding, vet care everything. I wondered around some more wishing things didn’t have to be this way, I knew for a fact that some horses were not going to get homes that night. I wondered back to wear I sat in the auction, only finding myself go back to the horse That I reached out and touched 5 minuets later. I cried, fearing the worst for the poor boy, as skinny as he was. I reached out and stroked his face only to find tears flowing from my eyes. This boy was looking through me, he saw my soft heart and I saw his delicate eyes. He nudged me as if to say “I will be Ok”. I went back out and sat and pondered some more only to find myself back out there. The time comes as he comes out, within an instant a flick he was gone before I could raise my hand the boy was gone. I argued with the Kill buyer, only to come up 100 dollars short. I went back to say my goodbyes not knowing what else I could do. I then find the very nice, amazing people that help with rescues. They were amazing! As this boy was head butting me as if to say “Don’t Cry” I couldn’t help it, I lost it I felt terrible, the images the guilt in my head, I couldn’t shake. I knew this boy and all the other Horses going, knew what was happening. Those rescue people helped me get this boy, amazed at what happened that night I went home, thought about it, and was proud of myself for not giving up on this boy. And so I can say I cant Thank you Rescuers enough. Andy. As that night I went home happier than ever to call this boy my own. “Second Chances” AKA “Chance”. (The horse photo, the one that is labeled “Dark Aisled Horse”), Is “Second Chances”. I can not thank you rescuers enough, I would have been devastated without this boy.

-With Love Kyleena

Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Unadilla: The story from a different perspective

  1. Hi Andy 🙂 Wow You posted my comment, You don’t know how much this means too me 🙂 Again credit goes out to the rescuers that night, if they weren’t there I wouldn’t have my precious boy. He would be gone as he was born to live. Chance cant thank everyone enough either. Once I took him out of that auction house he came to life. He just needs some TLC which I am glad to give. But The rescuers are who came out on top that night. You guys ROCK! You have made me so happy, Chance too for that he is still living, breathing and well aware he was saved that night. I wish slaughter is abolished! I wish all horses could have hope and faith! I wish somehow god could change everything, so all the horses had loving homes, not worthless people just wanting to make a quick buck. Andy we will have to get in touch, I could send you some pictures of the happy boy 🙂
    Love, Kyleena

    • Kyleena,

      You are very welcome. Thank you for writing such a thoughtful and well-stated comment; it was deserving to be shown to some of the readers. If you would like to, you could email me some of the pictures to my e-mail: andylando22@yahoo.com. I am sure that Kay and Ingrid would love to see the pictures as well.


      – Andy

  2. Your welcome. I have actually sent them already to them 🙂 I will send you some too 🙂
    Here is a poem I wrote in 7th grade. thought you would like it.
    If there be horse slaughter
    Realize horses are living creatures They
    and feel all pain
    Realize they,
    and love Unconditionally
    Why don’t you love them?
    Horses cant speak up for themselves
    so why don’t we speak up for them?
    If you believe in god, Isn’t this a sin?
    Horses are amazing, So lets speak up for them

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